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Something my friend wrote


I’m thinking about how “supposed to’s” effectively dismantle anything good, and are probably responsible for a lot of people left broken-hearted.

“You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”
“You were supposed to call.”
“You’re not supposed to hang out with other guys.”
“You’re not supposed to talk to your ex.”
“You’re not supposed to leave your phone at home when you go out with friends.”
“You weren’t supposed to leave me.”

These things are relative. How about you just do whatever you want? If you want to be friends with someone your other half doesn’t approve of, be friends. If you want to spend your time alone reading or watching Supernatural instead of going out, be alone its a hundred percent fine. When you take a spur of the moment trip to an unfamiliar street in the middle of the night with your friends without worrying about what your girlfriend/boyfriend/coworkers/friends/parents think, that’s how you know you accept and love yourself. And only when you find that sort of clarity will you find someone that would totally adore you. Not someone who is “supposed to” ~love~ you. If you’re doing everything you want to do and you don’t feel like you have to explain yourself and someone falls for you without trying to change you, that’s your ride or die.

I believe 100% that what you put out comes back. Maybe not always in the form of what we imagine, but it still comes back. What we experience is a reflection of ourselves because we are the ones who filter down the all the information presented to give us what we believe. It’s reading between the lines that can really teach us something. For every person we’ve cared about too little, there’s someone who cared about us too much.

If you generally plague yourself with doubt and worrisome uncertainty, don’t expect some great, happy person to fall in love with you. Great, happy people don’t fall in love with self-depreciating whiners. And if you’re passing time with rebounds or comfortable relationships because it’s easier to stay complacent than take a leap of faith, you’re not getting any closer to what you really want. You’re adding to the problem and swimming against what would actually fulfill you. I want to float and let whatever takes me, take me.

It’s why I’ll still put my heart on the line instead of letting my liver or my lungs take the hit. I’m not trying to forget. I want to see where the flames are and walk toward them.It’s why I’ll fight for someone until he tells me not to fight anymore.It’s why I’ll stand by these words and let those who walk away, walk.It’s why I kiss so intensely, fuck so dirty and love so hard. The same as how I sin — quick and without remorse. Because I would rather die knowing I lived wild eyed and excited.

this won’t make sense to most of you

… I saw a girl around my so called sister’s age, she was obviously scared and I didn’t see a point in her stopping me. I just walked up to her then dropped all my weapons, I looked her right in the eye as I leaned forward and asked ‘Why stop me, no one’s gonna be using these any time soon, and as far as I can see, there’s plenty left.”

She struggled to answer, she was frightened at how cold I was, I didn’t care. I heard her mumble something like “….against the law…”. As soon as I heard that I smiled and laughed at her.

"The law? there’s no one left to enforce that shit, I took only what I needed and nothing more, damaged nothing more than what was necessary, now if you’d excuse me." I turned around and started walking away, I was almost on the bike when I heard her say "I’m all alone, I have no idea what to do, I want to leave this place but the outside scares me with those things around."

I rolled my eyes and sighed, really now? ugh “Go get your stuff and the other bike at the store, you’re coming with me”

And even when civilization has fallen, women still take a hell of a long time getting ready, I decided to just play around inside the mall for a bit, I’m sure she wouldn’t notice.

I went to the food court and worked on my basic vaults; safety, speed, kong, and my favorite, the dash vault. I started working getting through the “obstacle course” as quickly as I can as well. After working up a good sweat, I walked back to my stuff and saw that she was struggling with adjusting the height of the bike’s seat.

Groaning to myself I asked her if she needed help and she just looked at me like a lost puppy, I facepalmed and told her to move over.

A few minutes later we were walking towards my entry point, her eyes went wide when she saw what I brought with me.

"I-….is that a sniper rifle?" a short hum was all she got as an answer.
"why do you have one?" I groaned at her short thinking.
"I brought it in case I found a place to stay, SMG is for clearing buildings, sniper rifle is for defending a building, understand?"
All she said was a weak “oh, okay”

I had no idea what to do with the old bike… I wanted to keep it with me because I’m rather attached and it’s my granddad’s but…. the new one’s better. So I’m going with the logical choice.

"Listen, I uhh… I want to check something out in this area, a subdivision, do you mind we go there first then we go look for a place for you to stay?" Why was I even asking her, she’s just a drag for me…. guess I still had manners

"di, okay lang, ako nga nakakaabala sayo eh…
what’s your name?” she asked me with a smile, she was charming, nice body as well, but I didn’t really care. I have someone already, someone who lives near here.

"no names, names mean attachment" I stated bluntly. She frowned but nodded anyways.

I got to an intersection and frowned, I remember saving the location on my phone but considering that the power has been out for a long time now… DAMN

I just told myself to look for three vehicles in particular, a corolla, a starex and a pajero

Soon enough I saw a house with two out of those three vehicles. I told the girl to wait for me outside and instructed her to whistle loudly if she sees any signs of trouble, she just nodded and looked for a spot.

I shot the doorknob and the deadbolt, pushed the door open, and saw blood….

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that time a bird pooped on soojung….

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I wonder how much can he squat

holy shit is this even possible




I wonder how much can he squat

holy shit is this even possible


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945 x 1417


945 x 1417

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